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What is a Buyer’s Agent?

Whether you’ve bought a home before or not, the process of finding the perfect one can be complicated and stressful. A buyer’s agent helps you find your next home, make an offer, and guides you through the complex paperwork of home ownership. A buyer’s agent is legally bound to help the buyers, not the sellers.

Why use a buyer’s agent?

The seller hired an agent to sell their house for the most money. Why shouldn’t you have a representative negotiating the best house within your budget? There are other advantages of hiring a buyer’s agent.

A Buyer’s Agent Finds the Right Property

A great buyer’s agent spends time with a client discovering what’s important in a home. This includes location, size, rooms, amenities, and price. With the ideal house in mind, your agent finds all the possibilities and begins scheduling appointments to tour those homes. Your agent can help you envision how you fit into that space and talk through all the pros and cons.

A Buyer’s Agent Negotiates Offers

Sending a price offer can be the most stressful part of buying a home. How will you know how much to offer? Will you risk offending the buyer and closing off negotiations by presenting a low offer? Get guidance from your agent about how much to offer. Your agent can negotiate with the seller’s agent until all parties are settled on a price. Buyers often save money by having a buyer’s agent help them avoid homes with a lot of unseen damage and negotiating a fair price.

A Buyer’s Agent Recommends Professional Services

This can be especially helpful if you’re moving from another location. How do you know who’s reputable? Your buyer’s agent knows mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, movers, repair contractors, etc. You save time searching for experts and make your house a home faster.

A Buyer’s Agent Overcomes Setbacks

Very rarely does a buyer purchase a home with no issues or setbacks along the way. If the inspector’s report or appraisal reveals previously unforeseen issues, your agent will support you, standing between you and the sellers and re-negotiate, if necessary. A home transaction is an emotional process for buyers and sellers. It helps to have an advocate with experience to offer productive solutions.

Finding a Buyer’s Agent

Rather than sign an agreement with the first agent you meet, you should plan to interview at least three agents from different agencies to find the agent the fits your needs and personality. House hunting is personal and hunting with someone sensitive to your needs and desires ensures trust between you and your agent.
It’s important to find a buyer’s agent who knows the location where you’re planning to move. They need to be experts in the area. If you’re moving from another area, you need them to tell you where the ideal schools and parks are located, what living conditions are like, where is the best shopping, etc.

You want to know what neighborhoods or house types are your agent’s speciality. An agent who specializes in working with first-time buyers may not know the luxury home market as well as an agent specializing in those.

It’s good to know what experience your agent has and what is the schedule and availability. You want to choose an agent who can work within the hours you’re available. Don’t assume they all work nights and weekends.
Once you choose an agent, you’ll sign an Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement. This outlines the agent’s services and compensation. It states that this agent is your sole representative — the agent won’t work for the seller and you won’t work with other buyer’s agents.

How Much Does a Buyer’s Agent Cost?

Nothing. A buyer’s agent splits the commission with the seller’s agent. That commission is paid by the seller.

You have no reason to do this alone. Let the experts at Gateway Sotheby’s take the stress out of your house hunting experience.

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